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Seven things to know about GroupingMall:


The diagram above shows how GroupingMall fills the void between when a product gets funded on a site like Kickstarter and sold at high quantities on a site like Amazon. GroupingMall provides an advertising platform for merchants to launch and advertise products through social media. It’s very simple; consumers share products for lower prices.

1. GroupingMall is a new way to launch and advertise products through social media.

We’re a home for all kinds of products from electronics, home, and beauty to jewelry, toys, and apparel. GroupingMall is full of merchants, big and small, that are promoted on social media by consumers in return for lower prices. Prices of thousands of quality products are dropping right now!

2. The most valuable real estate on the web.

GroupingMall was born out of the need for merchants to penetrate social media feeds through consumers rather than ads. Cutting out middlemen (i.e., ad providers) helps merchants and consumers save money. Ads are very expensive and offer very low click through rates on social media sites. There is no advertising more powerful than consumers sharing with their friends and followers on social media.

3. Each promotion is independently managed.

The merchants on GroupingMall have complete responsibility and control over their promotions. GroupingMall is a platform and a resource; we’re not involved in the manufacturing or management of the products. This platform approach allows us to keep overhead costs down and fees we charge merchants very low. Anyone can launch a promotion on GroupingMall as long as the products fit our guidelines.

4. Together, merchants and consumers make deals happen.

Merchants set a deal price and the number of “Drop Price” button clicks it takes to reach the discounted price. If consumers like a product, they get one click of the “Drop Price” button and can share with friends to drop the price even more! Prices on GroupingMall are dynamic— consumers can checkout right away or wait for prices to drop further. The “Drop Price” model attracts merchants because the benefits of increased exposure on social media outweighs the reduction in price. This approach is amazingly effective in creating momentum and rallying people around a product.

5. It’s a fun and rewarding experience.

Consumers get the satisfaction of watching the price drop in real time after clicking the “Drop Price” button. Merchants offer their best prices as a reward to consumers who promote their products on social media. Consumers who make the effort to participate in promotions often end up getting the best deals on the web. The consumers who invite friends earn credits that can be applied for even deeper discounts. Some merchants choose to launch “Drop Price to ZERO” campaigns, which offers consumers an incredible opportunity to receive free products.

6. Why it makes sense to advertise on GroupingMall.

GroupingMall’s innovative model allows merchants to pay for their social media advertising through a reduction in price rather than paying for expensive ads. The reduction in price is considered a marketing expense for merchants. Paying for ads can become very costly but selling products at or below cost can engage more consumers. Our dynamic pricing model helps merchants learn which price points generate the most demand. This is particularly important for merchants who want to know what consumers are willing to pay for new product lines.

7. Our mission is to launch and advertise products on social media while saving people money.

We’re a start-up company based in the SoMa neighborhood of San Francisco. We spend our time making GroupingMall a little bit better every day, answering questions from merchants and consumers, and finding new products to share. If a product is successfully shared and promoted by our community, we charge a small fee based on the numbers of “Drop Price” clicks, pages views, and social media shares.

We believe that small businesses are the lifeline of the U.S. economy, and we’re thrilled to provide a platform that helps promote them. Building a community of consumers around well-priced quality products is an amazing way to help merchants get discovered and increase their sales.


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